Raw Forest Honey
Raw Forest Honey
Raw Forest Honey

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Raw Forest Honey

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Forest honey is collected by wild bees (Apis Dorsata bees) living in their natural habitat. Wild bee collects nectar and pollen from multiple flowers and herbs blooming during that season in the forest.Thus, wild honey is sometimes referred as Multi floral Wild Honey. This honey is dark in color and moderately sweet. Comparatively it takes long to get crystallized.

Nature Hug honey is collected by the native tribes of the forest and we bring it to your kitchen without filtering and processing thus keeping the magical healthy ingredients intact.

Forest honey have the same health benefits compared to that of other honey, but they also have some extras that up the ante. Flavor and aroma of the honey can be distinctive depending on the area from where it is sourced.

Regular consumption of Raw & Natural Honey builds immunity against seasonal influenza & Viruses. This super-food prepares your body to fight against the influenza like Coronavirus (Covid-19), Common Flu etc.

Generally, forest honey is dark in color and sometimes may appear black. Forest honey is filled with loads of health benefits including:

  • Honey is a good source of Antioxidants. These compounds help in protecting your body from cell damage due to free radicals, thus slows down ageing and avoid premature ageing.

  • Forest honey is a great source of minerals and vitamins important for human health. Having some amount of forest honey in your daily diet will provide dietary minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium.

  • Honey can be used for skin care. Use honey as a face mask to get rid of unwanted blackheads and open skin pores so that your skin breathes properly and makes your skin radiant.

  • Honey can be used as a remedy for prolonged respiratory diseases, sore throat and can act as a cough suppressant

P.S: Grainy and cloudy honey have a high content of pollen thus it has a high vitamin and mineral content.

    *Please don't feed honey to infants less than 1 year old, it may cause Infant Botulism


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