About Us

NatureHug is a brainchild of an engineer couple working in Healthcare & Software domain for over a decade. While exploring home remedies or “Dadi ji ke nuskhe” to build immunity and curing some basic health problems we stumbled upon the endless benefits of consuming pure and raw honey and thus the journey of NatureHug started :-)

Talking and learning from some of the eminent researchers/professors of top Agriculture universities in India we started teaming up with Beekeepers and tribal honey hunters. This collaboration and learning translated into establishing a process to procure best grade Raw Honey that is directly bottled into medical grade sterilized jars and made accessible to you on different online and off-line channels.

NatureHug team is continuously working to improve the overall holistic process of honey harvesting & delivery. We also educate beekeepers and Honey hunters about the best practices so that we can mitigate the risk humanity is facing due to decreasing Bee population.



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